This is an investment platform where everyone can start earning up to 2% per day in the field of cryptocurrency trading. Transferring its funds into trust for the company's specialists on an unlimited basis. Referral and bonus programs are also available for earning.

How many years does the company exist in the market?

ELEON LIMITED was registered in London on May 28, 2014. The online platform https://eleon-limited.com was launched on May 28, 2019.

What will happen to my deposit if the company closes for some reason?

In case of early closure, for any reasons beyond the control of the company, the company undertakes to return the invested funds to all investors. The company's activities are insured for $ 8,000,000 by the European insurance company RSA INSURANCE GROUP.

What is the benefit of the company?

Since 2014, we have accumulated great potential. To reach a new level, we need financial development, improvement of our own software. Increasing staff and entering international markets. With an increase in the cash fund of the company, we will not only provide our investors with guaranteed profit, but we will be able to realize all the goals of the company.


I want to become an investor, how can I do this?

To become an investor in a company you need to go through a simple registration procedure. Indicate username, valid email, password. Be sure to use complex combinations of letters, numbers and symbols, which will ensure the safety of your funds. Read the rules of the company and check the box, thereby you consent and conclude an agreement with the company.

Is registration on the site free?

Yes, registration is free

Can I create multiple accounts?

Each investor can register only one account. Creating multiple accounts does not contradict the rules of the company only on the condition that the accounts are not combined by referral links. Otherwise, all accounts are subject to blocking without a refund.

I can’t register, what should I do?

First of all, pay attention to whether you have correctly completed all the necessary fields. For all questions, you can contact online support on the site.


How to enter your personal account?

To enter your personal account, click on the LOGIN button. To enter, you must enter the username and password that you specified during registration.

I forgot my password from my account, what should I do?

Use the password recovery function. Follow all password recovery points. A new password will be sent to the email address you specified during registration.

I want to change my wallet, payment system or add a new one to which I will withdraw money, how to do it?

Go to the PAYMENT DETAILS section and enter the data of the payment systems that you will use.


How to create a deposit?

Before creating a deposit, you need to go through the registration procedure. In your personal account, go to the BALANCE section, replenish your account from any available payment system. After that, the deposit will be opened automatically, information about this you can see in the BALANCE section. Only after that you can start to make a profit. If, after replenishment, funds were not received on your balance within 30 minutes, contact support.

Is a commission charged upon opening a deposit?

We do not charge any additional fees for replenishment, but it may be provided for by the payment system that you use.

What payment systems can I use to open a deposit?

To open a deposit in USD you can use the following payment systems: - Perfect Money - Bitcoin - Ethereum. To open a deposit in EURO: - Perfect Money

I do not have accounts in these payment systems, what should I do?

Detailed instructions for creating wallets in the aforementioned payment systems can be found on the Internet.

Can I open multiple deposits?

You can open one deposit in dollars and one deposit in euros and one deposit in cryptocurrency. The following replenishment will be added to the created deposit.

Can I increase my current deposit?

Yes. The profit earned is credited to the balance of your account, you can replenish an existing deposit or create a new deposit in a second currency. To do this, go to the BALANCE section and follow the menu options.

Moreover, the percentage of income of your deposit will increase with every even minimal replenishment.

How long after replenishment, are funds credited to the deposit?

Your deposit will be replenished within 1-5 minutes after a successful payment. If after replenishment your deposit did not appear within 30 minutes, contact the support service.

Can I use the funds accrued in my account to open a new deposit or to replenish a current deposit?

Yes. The profit earned is credited to the balance of your account, you can replenish an existing deposit or create a new deposit in a second currency. To do this, go to the BALANCE section and follow the menu options.

What is the minimum investment amount?

Minimum deposit 10 $ or 10 € or 0.001 BTC or 0.04 ETH

How often will profits be accrued?

From the moment the deposit is opened, profit is accrued daily after 24 hours.


After what time can I withdraw my profit?

You can withdraw profit after the completion of the deposit, while deposits will be credited daily and displayed on the balance in your account.

How to withdraw your profit?

In your account, go to the WITHDRAW section - specify the withdrawal currency; - choose a payment system; - indicate the amount. Funds will be credited to your account within 1-30 minutes. The withdrawal schedule is up to 24 hours, the withdrawal time depends on the particular payment system used during the withdrawal, since our platform uses many payment systems at the same time.

Is there a limit on the amount I can withdraw?

The minimum withdrawal amount is $ 1 or 0.001 BTC or 1 € or 0.02 ETH. The maximum amount for Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Ethereum payment systems is $ 1,000 per transaction. You can make as many transactions as you want.

Is there a commission to withdraw funds?

We do not charge any additional fees for withdrawing funds, but it may be provided for by the payment system to which you withdraw.

On which payment systems can I withdraw the earned profit?

To withdraw funds in USD, you can use the following payment systems: - Perfect Money - Bitcoin –ETHEREUM.


What does the affiliate program give and how to become a member of it?

By making recommendations, you can profit from the contributions of your partners to the fifth level. To do this, make a deposit, invite new investors to your referral link, which is located in the REFERENCE SYSTEM section.

What reward will I receive for an invited member?

The reward depends on the level of the referral. From personally invited 10% of his deposit.

And also you will receive $ 100 for every $ 10,000 of the turnover of your entire team without restrictions. For example: your personally invited OLEG replenished a deposit of $ 2000, invited by OLEG VIKTOR replenished a deposit of $ 5000. Invited by VICTOR VITALI replenished a deposit of $ 3000. Total, your team’s turnover is $ 10,000, you get not only a referral bonus from all these partners, but also an additional $ 100 bonus for the entire team’s turnover. This bonus will be paid for every $ 10,000 of team turnover made.

Are there any restrictions on the number of invited members?

There are no restrictions.

Can I get my affiliate reward without opening a deposit?

No, to receive a referral and bonus reward, a deposit is required. If you didn’t open a deposit, but your referral has registered and replenished a deposit for you, the referral bonus burns out. Even if you then replenish the deposit, the bonus will not be credited to you.

Can I change the person who invited me (sponsor)?

If you have opened a deposit, then this cannot be done. If the deposit is not open, contact support to change who invited you.

Do I have to invite other participants?

Participation in an affiliate and bonus program is optional.

What do referrals mean?

These are investors invited by your referral link or by the link of your partners.

What does my structure mean?

This is a list of your personally invited and invited by your partners.

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