is a professional operator of HIGH YIELD INVESTMENTS in tender contracts for both experienced and novice investors.
The professionalism of our traders and analysts allows us to notice trends in time and take measures to adjust the trading strategy, which leads to an increase in the number of successful transactions. ELEON LIMITED pays great attention to the security of its customers' investments. This means that our analysts and experts in the field of economics and finance are doing a great job of monitoring, analyzing and forecasting the situation in the markets. Their recommendations allow you to quickly respond to processes occurring on the exchange, so there can be no price fluctuations that cause negative consequences. Each client who invested in trading with us can be sure that cooperation with us is the key to the security of the deposit, timely payment and stable growth of your income.

years of excellent work!

Our team held many large ones. HUNDREDS OF LARGE TRADES, for a huge number of companies in the CIS and Europe.
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May 28, 2014 in
UK has
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ELEON LIMITED business scheme

1Using the eleon-limited.com platform, we attract investment funds to bid.
2Professional team.
3Reliable investment plans.
4Quick Findings.
5Live support.
6Extensive trading experience.
7Strong protection against DDoS.
8The resulting profit is distributed among investors. We take profit of the company. We form an insurance fund.

Compare with other types of investments:

TYPES OF INVESTMENTS Rate Risks Affiliate program Currency of deposit
ELEON LIMITED from 30% to 120% per month low, all deposits are insured for the amount
$ 8,000,000
up to 21% euro / dollars / cryptocurrency
Deposit in the bank up to 10% per annum low, insurance up to 1.4 million rubles no rubles
MFI / CPC up to 30% per annum low, insured no rubles
The property up to 5-15% per annum medium no rubles
Currencies up to 20% per annum high no ---
Tenders up to 20% per month very high no ---
Using the eleon-limited.com platform, our company will be able to strengthen development in European and CIS markets.
Provide reliable and long-term profit for ELEON LIMITED, its partners and investors.
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